11.11--a single's day or a shopping day?

Time: Nov 11, 2022

There is no festival in November of Chinese lunar festival, so how 11.11 gradually transforms into a single's day or shopping day? Now lets talk about it.

1)Single's Day

11.11 is composed of four 1, which reminds people of the bachelor, also called single dog. So in order to remove the label of the stay-at-home type, people will take part in a variety of activities on this day such as cycling, camping, climbing, barbecue and other interactive games, where those single dagcan participate to relax themselves and especially make more friends with other opposite sex. 

2)Shopping Day

Before 2009, 11.11 was just an ordinary day. It was started by the CEO of TAOBAO Zhang Yong and his team in the late of 2009, when they planned a carnival like online shopping festival by selling at a large discount for products to expand the brand of TAOBAO, a subsidiary of Alibaba, and chose the "11.11" day by accident. November is chosen because it is just in the middle of the golden week of the National Day and the promotion season of Christmas. Besides, the weather is just the time for people to  purchase clothes for winter.

By 2012, 11.11 had become a landmark day, a sales legend, and a battleground for online sellers, platform suppliers, and logistics enterprises. Nowadays, when it comes to 11.11, people may think of shopping, thus it has made a great influence on our daily life.

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