How to choose a glass?
Time: Oct 12, 2022

As we all know, the function will be changed when we use different types of glass for window, door and curtain wall. So how do we choose a comfortable glass? Here are some advice.

      I. Single piece glass: devided into tempered glass and non tempered glass.

1. Tempered glass. It is a kind of toughened glass made of ordinary glass after reprocessing. With good thermal stability high security and strength, tempered glass is generally used in numerous aluminium products.

2. Non tempered glass. Such as semi tempered glass and clear glass.

Semi tempered glass: the price is cheaper and the hardness is lower than tempered glass.

Clear glass/ordrinary glass: With low price and clear transparency.


      II. Monolithic decorative/functional glass: composed of low-e glass, frosted glass and so on.

1. Low E glass, also called low emissivity glass, which is a series of film products , it also has excellent effect of heat insulation and good transmittance of light.

2. Frosted glass. It is also made of ordinary glass by grinding. It is of high safety, good soundproof and privacy protection.


      III. Composite glass: consist of DGU glass and laminated glass.

1. DGU glass is made of two or more pieces of glass by bonding and sealing, with inert gas filled in the middle for soundproof and heat insulation. 

2. Laminated glass, what makes laminated differs from DGU glass is that the glue in the middle of the glass is equivalent to a barrier layer, so the effect of soundproof is better.

At the same time, we can also combine laminated glass with low-e glass for excellent performance of heat insulation, soundprof and light transmittance. 

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