How to choose hardware for windows & doors?
Time: Nov 17, 2022

The hardware of doors and windows mainly includes hinge , track , rubber, friction stay , handle and other parts. When purchasing hardware, we should pay more attention to their load-bearing construction and corrosion resistance.

Friction stay

Friction stay is a key hardware for ventilation of doors and windows. Friction stay must have anti-corrosion function. 304 stainless steel material has wear resistance and corrosion resistance, with excellent strength and toughness, so it is recommended to be the first choice. When the window sash is heavy, it is better to select a friction stay of specification with a thickness of more than 2.5mm.


Hinges are indispensable and important accessories for doors and windows, mainly made of copper hinges, aluminum hinges and stainless steel. It is recommended to select 304 stainless steel for places with high moisture, such as bathrooms or windows in rainy areas. It is moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant. If in a dry environment, copper hinges are more suitable than stainless steel hinges. In terms of size, the thickness shall be more than 3mm.


The handle is a decoration used for the casement window, which has the function of opening, closing and sealing. When purchasing the handle, we should check whether the coating is uniform, whether there are obvious defects such as scratches, and the strength of the handle should be sufficient. The height of the handle should be determined according to the actual situation, and should be set according to the person because too high or too low of the handle will be difficult for us to use.


Rubber plays the role of sealing, waterproof, sound insulation, dust prevention, shock absorption, etc. in doors and windows. When purchasing the sealing strip, we should check whether its stretching condition is qualified, whether its appearance is bright, and whether it is made of rubber. Besides, the rubber shall have temperature resistance and aging resistance performance.


The track is mainly used on the rail hanging door and casement door, including the lifting rail and the lifting rail and ground rail. It is more convenient to install the rail door for cleaning, but the rail door bears the weight of the whole door, so the cost of high-quality cabinet door is relatively higher. The structure of lifting rail+ground rail is much more stable, but it is not as comfortable as the lifting rail door visually, and the gap between the ground rails is easy to hide dirt, which is not easy to clean.

In a word, it is suggested that you should purchase doors, windows and hardware together when decorating, and the grade of hardware fittings should be consistent with the quality of doors and windows. So as to form a complete and systematic door and window system.

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