The advantages of aluminium alloy doors and windows
Time: Nov 29, 2022

Today, we introduce you a product of doors and windows with high cost performance. It is not only durable, sound insulation, but also elegant and easy to clean. I believe many friends know what the products are. They are aluminum alloy doors and windows, which are of great advantages.

Deformation is not easy

Aluminum alloy materials mostly adopt hollow thin-walled composite sections, which are light in weight and only one-third of the density of steel. Their sections are of high bending strength, which are made of aluminium alloy doors and windows that are durable and not easy to deform.

Good sealing performance

Aluminum alloy doors and windows have good sealing performance, which directly affects the function of doors and windows and energy consumption. Generally, sealing refers to air tightness, water tightness, heat insulation and sound insulation.

Elegant appearance

After the surface of aluminum alloy is treated, it presents a variety of different colors, which can be selected at will. It is bright after oxidation. The frame of the window sash can be made larger and inlaid with a large area of glass so that the light of indoor is sufficient and the household has a more layered feeling.

Other high performance

Long service life, aluminum alloy doors and windows have strong corrosion resistance, and the oxide layer is not easy to fade, fall off, do not need painting, and easy to maintain. The service life of the doors and windows control system is also relatively long.

HOMI products cover aluminium construction profiles, aluminium industry profiles, aluminium windows & aluminium doors, aluminium curtain walls and formwork.

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