Why the hardware of doors and windows is so important?
Time: Nov 07, 2022

For doors and windows, hardware are just like the “heart” of doors and windows. The cost of door and window hardware accounts for about 15% - 25%, but the importance of hardware in doors and windows to the whole door and window cannot be underestimated. In other words, the quality of hardware will directly affect the normal use of doors and windows.

Door and window hardware accessories can be classified into door locks, handles, brackets, hinges,, door closers, bolts, anti-theft chains, etc., which play a direct role in the performance of doors and windows. 


Undoubtedly, handle is the place where we contact most with doors and windows in daily life. It can help doors and windows open and close better. Whether the appearance of the handle is fashionable and elegant or not will directly affect the style of decoration.

Friction stay

Friction stay can connect the window sash and the frame, making the window open and close by connecting rod type movable link. If the large casement window encounters the severe weather of typhoon and rainstorm, friction station can also help the casement window stand still.


Hinge is an important component to ensure that doors and windows can rotate and bear weight. Good hinges can ensure easy opening and low or no noise. In addition, if the quality of hinges is poor, once encountering extreme weather such as typhoon and rainstorm, there will be risks such as door and window crash.

Roller and Track

Generally speaking, high-quality roller bearings are made of stainless steel. The bearings are installed tightly, and feel soft and noiseless when sliding. Some rollers can even play the role of height adjustment, which can make up the distance between the door and the track, and finally make the door and the track more closely connected. The track can facilitate the opening and closing of doors and windows, prevent the abrasion of the edges of doors and windows, and protect the existing hardware of doors and windows.

In addition to the hardware described above, there are also corner devices, locking points, transmitters, etc. It is precisely because these inconspicuous hardware  that become the “guards” of our home security.

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