Happy Halloween

Time: Oct 31, 2022

Hello guys, today is an exciting festival. Bingo! It’s Halloween.

Halloween is the one of the oldest and the most popular holidays still celebrated today. While millions of people celebrate Halloween without knowing its origins and myths. Now please come with me.


Halloween culture can be traced back to the Druids, a Celtic culture in Ireland, Britain and Northern Europe. Roots lay in the feast of Samhain, which was annually on October 31st to honor the dead. Samhain signifies "summers end" or November. Samhain was a harvest festival with huge sacred bonfires, which evolved into trick-or-treating, marking the end of the Celtic year and beginning of a new one.


Trick or Treat

Halloween is a festival full of mystery to children. When night falls, the children can’t wait to put on colorful make-up clothes, wear strange masks, and run out to play with jack-o-lanterns, shout menacingly to their neighbors:Trick or Treat?If adults don't treat them with candy or change, those naughty children will do something that makes you crazy.

Nowadays Halloween is very popular among young people in China. On this day, many young people will celebrate the festival, imitate their dress and hold similar activities and games in public places. However, due to the large and crowded activities, which are prone to stampede accidents, so we need to pay attention to the safety during the festival.


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