• BASTU UNIVERSITY Installation of Curtain Wall in Philippines has been Made Critical Progress
    BASTU UNIVERSITY Installation of Curtain Wall in Philippines has been Made Critical Progress
    Feb, 23, 2023
    The workers are safely installing the curtain wall. Viewed from the outside, the curtain wall is very attractive. Let's look forward to the following progress. HOMI is a dynamic enterprise involved in the manufacturing and distribution of aluminium architectural building products and specialty systems and hardwares.
  • Happy Chinese New Year
    Happy Chinese New Year
    Jan, 29, 2023
    Congratulations on a great year! In the new day of spring festival, families of HOMI get together again, trying our best to work harder to serve for our customers in this new year. HOMI has achieved a lot in 2022, we do believe 2023 will be a better year for all of us and HOMI wishes you and your family all the best. 
  • Merry Chistmas
    Merry Chistmas
    Dec, 23, 2022
    Christmas is one of the most beautiful holidays of all time. It is the day when God's son was born on earth. Hence, this day is sacred for all Christians around the world. The Christmas season gives rise to a number of Christmas traditions that come along. Here are a few of them that are celebrated with zest and enthusiasm worldwide for centuries. On this day, many go to church, where they take pa...
  • Remember history and cherish peace
    Remember history and cherish peace
    Dec, 13, 2022
    It's National Memorial Day on December 13th. Eighty-five years ago, 300,000 compatriots all dead in just six weeks. The beach was covered with body parts and a river of blood. The bullet holes left on the wall of Zhonghua Gate are still clear, and the memorial hall of the Victims of the Nanjing Massacre is a piece of physical record of history, and the shroud of air defense sirens r...
  • Installation of Curtain Wall is coming to an end
    Installation of Curtain Wall is coming to an end
    Dec, 05, 2022
    Philstar project installation of United Curtain Wall has been constructed in Philippines for a few months, thanks to the hard working of the local leaders and workers, now the project is coming to an end. Seeing the artistic pictures sent by our customers, our partners who have been tracking the project are satisfied with the result.
  • FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022
    FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022
    Nov, 28, 2022
    Introduction The host country of the 2022 World Cup is Qatar, a country in the Middle East. FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is the 22nd World Cup, the first held in Qatar and a country in the Middle East historically, and also the second World Cup held in Asia. The first World Cup held in Asia is the 17th World Cup, held by Korea and Japan. This is also the first time that two countries have jointl...
  • Happy Thanksgiving Day!
    Happy Thanksgiving Day!
    Nov, 24, 2022
    Introduction Thanksgiving Day is the most truly American of the national holidays in the United Stales and is most closely connected with the earliest history of the country. Origin In 1620, there was only Britain, and the United States was not yet established. The Pilgrims in Britain were not satisfied with the religious reform, and 102 Pilgrims arrived in America in a cold winter on the historic...
  • Our exhibition hall will be fixed up in a short time
    Our exhibition hall will be fixed up in a short time
    Nov, 14, 2022
    In order to provide more high-quality products to our customers, HOMI plans to cooperate with a famous brand specialized in providing excellent products of windows and doors, Bacula, which have great popularity in China because of their superb technology. The exhibition hall should have been completed a few days, but the process of construction was delayed due to the epidemic, so our sales team an...
  • 11.11--a single's day or a shopping day?
    11.11--a single's day or a shopping day?
    Nov, 11, 2022
    There is no festival in November of Chinese lunar festival, so how 11.11 gradually transforms into a single's day or shopping day? Now let’s talk about it. Single's Day 11.11 is composed of four “1”, which reminds people of the bachelor, also called “single dog”. So in order to remove the label of “the stay-at-home type”, people will take part in a variety...
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